Вакуумметр Edwards шестиканальный

Вакуумметр Edwards шестиканальный

Edwards part number D386-61-000 (D38661000)

Three-line digital display

6 gauge channels; multiple gauges may be operated simultaneously. (See controller manual for limitations when using other types of active gauges that have higher power requirements)

6 process control channels (open collector transistor outputs: 40 VDC, 100 mA maximum). These are individually assignable to any of the gauge channels, and can also individually be manually forced to "on" or "off" status through the front panel menu system. Front panel indicators show status of these process control channels.

RS-232 serial communication interface

analog outputs for all 6 gauge channels (accessed through 4-pin circular DIN connections; mating plugs are not included in this listing)

90-265 VAC, 45-70 Hz mains operation

A hardcopy manual included